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Onboarding ConnectAd: The ultimate step-by-step guide for publishers

Nobody likes to buy a pig in a poke. Well, we have neither pigs nor pokes on offer, but we do sell business partnerships and these are also often very difficult to assess in advance. That's why you try to get as much information as possible about your counterpart beforehand. We are aware of the fact that potential new publishing partners of ConnectAd do that too. This is only human and more than understandable. If you try to get to know us a little bit better, you will quickly notice that we like to emphasize one of our benefits particularly often: Our easy onboarding – meaning ConnectAd integration on publisher side is conceptually simple and fast and perfectly supported by an educated and pro-active customer support team.

But let's be honest: Anyone can claim that! There fore you can now find out why this is really true for us by reading our step-by-step onboarding guide for publishers. We just want you to know that you are in good hands from the very beginning when you choose us.

Onboarding in three big steps

At ConnectAd the actual project work is always preceded by a thorough onboarding process. In addition to a common basis for the start, we thus create the perfect foundation for a long-term and sustainable partnership. Onboarding with us takes place in 3 major steps.

Step no. 1: Setting the playing field 

- Discovery call: First things first! Before anything else happens, there is usually always the so-called "discovery call". In this call we make sure that we get to know each other personally. We have had good experiences with this. Because after all, at the end of the day, it's not "just" two companies working together, but many different people. Therefore we define fundamental expectations and possibilities very precisely.

- Technical requirements and checklist: We also talk about and agree on the integration form relatively early in the process. To do so we use our internal checklist. This helps to communicate very clearly what we need in order to get started and be successful. It is important that both sides know from the start on under which framework conditions things are happening. Critical points can also often be clarified better in advance than afterwards.

- Legal terms: Our publisher service agreement – which you can spy on here – in detail. These terms are the basis of our cooperation. They are market standard, compactly formulated and here to protect you as a publisher, our demand partners as well as us as an SSP und guarantee a clean, secure and agreed cooperation.

- Onboarding form: If all things are being checked and agreed on, the official kickoff is about to happen! As a publisher you are now going to get access to our onboarding form where you can pass on all the important information to our accounting and customer success team.  Now it only takes about 24 hours until we have set up the logins for you.

Made with Publishers in mind. This claim by ConnectAd naturally demands high standards on itself but is also lived in practice. From the easy-going onboarding process to perfect support during implementation, from a responsible understanding of data and its protection ("Privacy by Design") to a fast-responding, German-speaking support during operation, ConnectAd offers all that. Definitely an enrichment for our programmatic setup!

Peter Goigner, Head of Programmatic Advertising, DER STANDARD 

Step no. 2: Getting the technical set up ready

- Review of the inventory to be onboarded: We do manual and automated checks on every single site going live with us. In detail that looks like this: Whenever the publisher uploads a website to our interface, it is technically checked by us in the background. If everything meets our quality standards, this website is released and available on our site within 24 hours.

- Demo of the dashboard and initial setup: We recommend a "walk-through call" to our new partners, where we explain our system and walk them through it step-by-step. Although our dashboard is designed to be self-explanatory, we are happy to offer this service. We guide trough the system in detail explain how to set up all you need, explain how to set floor prices & bidding rules etc. So that all questions that might arise are answered. If something is still unclear later on, our Wiki is a very helpful tool too.

- Regulatory setup: Before the traffic can go live, final checks are carried out – by the publisher and by us. We check whether the ads.txt records have been uploaded correctly, whether we have been listed as a vendor in your CMP (#138 TCF) and whether the consent string and the supply chain object have are transferred as it should. All of these things are important points for monetization on our side.

- GO- LIVE!!! 🚀🚀🚀  Traffic incoming!

- Heavy monitoring over the first 7 days: To quickly address any potential issues we take a very close look on how everything is working out on the first seven to fourteen days. During this time period we’ll call you regularly and provide you with optimization feedback. Why do we do so? We want you (and us) to get out the most of our collaboration. Later on the intervals for these very important meetings can be stretched a little longer, but we will never stop to keep an eye on your numbers and performance.

What sets ConnectAd apart is their unwavering commitment to customer service. From the moment we started working with them, they demonstrated a pro-active approach to optimizing the integration. We also value the fact that ConnectAd is a European partner. The ease of communication, particularly with their fast-responding, German-speaking support team, has been a significant advantage for us.

Robert Herrmann Herrman, Chief Revenue Officer, Traffective

Step. no 3: Making adjustments & optimization

- Regular health checks: After the first two weeks customer success stays a number-one-priority for us. Therefore we regularly check the regulatory setup. Are the parameters passing correctly? Is the user matching behaving like it should? Where is optimization potential left?

- Daily monitoring of KPI development: We check volumes, fillRates, eCPMs and the Demand side EVERY DAY. If we notice something worrying, we bring it to your attention. Because: We want your performance to be in good hands with us.

- Pro-active consulting on a regular basis: We provide quarterly business reviews and do regular calls. We want to stand out with world-class customer service and are more than willing to surprise you with great results.

To sum it up: We are here to go the extra mile for you – and that starts with an excellent onboarding process. Hooked? Feel free to get in contact! We are looking forward to amaze you.