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ConnectAd supports the integration of our platform into Header-Bidding. The integration on the publisher side is conceptually simple, fast and uncomplicated.

Desktop, Mobile & Video

“One Tag fits all” – the ConnectAd-Tag is usable across platforms. Only a uniform bidding process across all channels guarantees high eCPM and high utilization.

Quality Control & Compliance

Through the use of automated and manual processes, we offer our publishers comprehensive protection from so-called “malvertising” and qualitatively lesser ads. On the buyer side, we guarantee an upscale environment, high visibility and with that, acceptance for buyers. We proceed rigorously against every kind of manipulated or invalid traffic.

ConnectAd is one of the fastest growing programmatic platforms

2.3B +
daily requests

Who we are

Our product vision is to provide publishers with a full advertising technology stack having their needs in mind.

ConnectAd is an independent, full-service publisher platform. We have been involved for the past eight years with programmatic advertising and enjoy excellent knowledge of both the buyer’s and the seller’s side. That enables us to advise, analyze and optimize to the maximum possible extent while focused on your objective of getting the most from your programmatic setup. Our support team helps top publishers with their installation and ongoing operations so that they can concentrate lock, stock and barrel on their actual business.

We support all popular desktop and mobile formats as well as video advertising over a central platform.

Easy integration

Higher revenues. Ease of setup.

Our integration cannot be easier one. Header-Bidding, Server2Server or Tag - we work in accordance with strict international standards and are therefore ready to go within a very short onboarding time.

Premium Demand

Unleash Your True Potential

We work with the largest and most well-known demand partners worldwide and actively work against all types of ad fraud (We hate bad ads!). We believe in transparency, security and maximum scalability.

Transparency by design

Analysis & Optimization

Our system works in an unprecedented simplicity and transparency. From the creation of tags to automated approvals to the analysis of bid flows and sales. ConnectAd inSight is the first point of contact for programmatic advertising.

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