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Sellers.json on the march!

Sellers.json on the march!

The launch of ads.txt in 2017 was only the first step to stop unauthorized reselling and domain spoofing. With sellers.json, the IAB tech.lab has now started the next step to gain advertisers confidence in programmatic spending.

Before the launch of sellers.json programmatic buyers never were able to get an overview of all authorized sellers and they didn´t know anything about the resellers in the supply chain. At best they could get information about the first reseller.

Now sellers.json brings transparency in the programmatic world by listing all seller names and domains, including the critical information who is seller or reseller. Seller.json allows buyers to find out who is the final seller of each impression.

What does supply chain mean?

Most of the time, requests are sold from seller to reseller further to one or more reseller.

The supply chain lists every single seller/reseller until the ad is finally sold.

Before sellers.json buyers didn´t know anything about the quantity of resellers in the chain as well as who was the final seller for each ad. With sellers.json all intermediaries are unfolded and every DSP gets full transparency which also provides the possibility to adapt the supply chain by blocking not trusted reseller.

How does Sellers.json work?

It´s quite simple. Every SSP has to list all seller/reseller participants, including their associated seller ID and the legal entity they own.

So is it essential for you that your SSP supports sellers.json? What's your benefit?

You can bet it is! Only if your SSP shows full transparency, you can be sure that your inventory is sold correctly and your SSP cares that all revenues are obtained legally. An increasing number of DSPs (like TheTradeDesk) only spend budgets when the SSP is supporting sellers.json.

Only when your SSP supports sellers.json you have the certainty that your inventory is sold only by authorized partners and your SSP is a transparent and confidential partner.