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How to improve your Ad Stack

To be able to optimize the ad stack, it is crucial to know where the traffic of your website is coming from! Only you can check all your SSPs regarding these GEOs and add additional SSPs if your GEOs require them. You must make sure that you have a mix of SSPs that cover all GEOs that are essential for your revenues!

You have to check all your ad place on relevance for your advertising clients. Are all your placements and formats in demand? What formats are you offering? Only display ads? Also, mobile ads? And video ads?

Switch low performing formats with those formats that have the highest demand.

Look for specific partners that can bring video revenue if you have these placements.

To increase your revenues, it is essential to get your bid density as high as possible. The more advertisers are bidding for aspecific ad placement the higher will be your revenues for this placement. So more connected ad networks mean more competition for your ad placements which leads to higher ecpms and higher fill rates.

Only with A/B testing and testing various numbers of ad networks in your ad stack enables you to find your ideal ad stack. Be also always aware of any problems with latency. Nevertheless, will more SSPs in your ad stack lift your eCPMs up to 130%!

Organize your ad stack flexible!

You should sort all your ad stack partners (SSPs,direct deals,…) by their CPMs. Place always partners with the highest CPMs first even when these do not provide the best fill rates. Then fill the rest of your inventory with partners with lower CPMs. Sort these by their fill rates! Itis important to test your partners at different floor prices and position within the ad stack to optimize the integration.

Of course, there will be changes in the performance of all your partners from month to month. By reorganizing your ad stack more often will increase your monetization!